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How to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

When it comes to diamond jewellery, size really does matter. A diamond is the focal point of any engagement ring, standing proudly in the centre of the band and sparkling for everyone to see. Many people think that the only way to make a diamond look bigger is to spend more money on a larger diamond. But there are other, more affordable options, too.

If you’ve got a budget to stick to, take our advice and follow our tips on how to pick an engagement ring that creates the illusion of a larger diamond.

Making a diamond look bigger without spending more

halo design

Choose a halo design
One alternative to spending more on a larger diamond is to choose a smaller center diamond and surround it with a halo of diamonds. When you examine a halo ring with a single diamond surrounded by a cluster of diamonds next to a solitaire ring with a single diamond, the halo will most often work out the cheapest. This is true even if both rings are a similar size.

slim band

Pick a slim band
No matter how big the diamond is, a thick band will always make it appear smaller. Opt for a plain, slim band for an engagement ring and you’ll create the opposite effect, making the precious gemstone look bigger than it really is.

tapered band

Select a tapered band
If you don’t think your partner will like a slim band, a tapered band will also work. A tapered band is thick at the back but narrows as it reaches the centre diamond. It creates the same effect as a slim band but creates a more unique and interesting look.

slim prongs

Opt for a few, slim prongs
The prongs of a ring are the small pieces of metal that keep the diamond in place. The higher number and the greater thickness of the prongs, the more of the diamond that gets covered up. This makes it look smaller than it truly is. Stick with the lowest number of thin prongs to help the diamond stand out.

Single out the best cut

Single out the best cut
The term “cut” doesn’t describe the shape of the diamond. It describes how well it’s been cut and polished from the original rough stone. A high-quality cut bounces more light through the gemstone, making it sparkle and glitter more than a low-quality cut. Choose the best cut that you can afford for the most spectacular effect.

Maintain it

Maintain it
Sometimes diamonds can appear smaller than they really are because they’re dirty. Dust and grime can slowly build up, covering the facets of the diamond and dulling its sparkle. If you help your partner keep on top of cleaning their engagement ring and having it regularly maintained by a professional jeweller, it will stay sparkling bright and look its best.

Size isn’t everything

Size isn’t everything
Everyone would love to receive an amazing ring with a giant glittering diamond. But it’s important to remember that size isn’t everything. The message behind it matters more than how big or small the gemstone is. Instead of concentrating solely on what the ring looks like and what other people think about it, remember why you’re giving it to your partner. They’re the person you love more than anything in the world, who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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