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Princess Pendants & Necklaces

A princess diamond pendant is a necklace that features a diamond cut in a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners. This diamond cut is known for its exceptional brilliance and clarity, making it a popular choice for those who want a diamond with a lot of sparkle. The square or rectangular shape of the princess cut diamond is created by combining the brilliance of the round cut with the clean lines of the square or rectangular shape. This cut features a series of diagonal and vertical lines that create a stunning display of light and dark areas.

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  • Eliah
    From £462.74
  • Jaylah
    From £507.22
  • Ayden
    From £638.08
  • Serafina
    From £704.32
  • Aniah
    From £477.09
  • Leana
    From £455.01
  • Elsy
    From £455.01
  • Montana
    From £605.82
  • Miranda
    From £637.41
  • Briana
    From £1,290.82
  • Elma
    From £840.00
  • Atley
    From £856.56
  • Adriel
    From £1,476.82
  • Kalaya
    From £614.38
  • Tinsley
    From £1,282.17
  • Kemora
    From £2,201.48
  • Kamea
    From £1,290.92

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