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How To Clean Your Favourite Jewellery

You know that feeling when you get a brand new piece of jewellery and you can't stop staring at it? You keep turning it in the light to see how it sparkles and you can't get enough of all the compliments from your friends and family. What about if that brand new sparkle never had to go away?

The main reason jewellery begins to look old and dull isn't because it's past its best. It's simply because it's a little dirty. Clean your favourite diamond ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings regularly and no one will ever be able to dull your sparkle.

To help you keep your jewellery shining bright like a diamond, follow our tips on how to clean it properly.

Buy a special toothbrush

1. Buy a special toothbrush

The first step is to buy a toothbrush that you'll only ever use to clean your jewellery. Choose a baby toothbrush or another kind of toothbrush that's got soft bristles. These types of brush are the best for getting into the small crevices of jewellery and polishing diamonds without causing any damage.

Get the right cleaning products

2. Get the right cleaning products

It may sound unbelievable, but simple washing up liquid is one of the best things you can use to clean your jewellery. Mix it into some warm water until it bubbles up, stick your toothbrush in, and get brushing. Find the balance between being gentle enough to not move any settings, while still being thorough enough to get rid of dirt.

If you want something more professional, we recommend the Connoisseurs range of jewellery care products. You can find them on Amazon.

Never clean your jewellery with toothpaste, baking powder, acetone, or products designed for household cleaning.

Leave to soak

3. Leave to soak

When you've scrubbed your piece of jewellery clean, it's time to let it soak. Leave it in the warm soapy water for 20-40 minutes. This will allow any built-up dirt that didn't come off with scrubbing to disintegrate and fall off.

Polish and dry

4. Polish and dry

You'll need a soft jewellery cloth for the final step. Take the cloth and gently dry the piece of jewellery, carefully polishing any diamonds and gemstones. The more you polish, the brighter the stones will shine. Make sure the jewellery is completely dry before storing or wearing it.

Extra tips

Take a break

The more frequently you wear your jewellery, the quicker it will appear dirty and dull. This is especially true for wedding rings and engagement rings, which are typically never taken off. Taking important jewellery off from time to time to give it a break can help maintain its shine.

Taking your favourite jewellery off when you sleep, shower, do household chores, and cook will really make a difference. Even if you just regularly take it off for one of these daily activities, you won't have to clean it as often as if you wear it all the time.

Avoid ultrasonic cleaners

You've probably seen videos online of the amazing things ultrasonic cleaners can do to dirty old jewellery. While it can totally transform pieces that look like they haven't been cleaned for generations, an ultrasonic cleaner can sometimes do more damage than good.

The vibrations that release built-up dirt can cause diamonds and gemstones to become loose or even chip. For a professional effect, it's always best to take your jewellery to an expert for them to clean.

Make the effort

Keeping your favourite jewellery in tip-top condition doesn't have to take a lot of time, effort, or money. All you need is the proper cleaning products and some great advice to keep your jewellery looking as good as new.

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