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10 Ways To Save On Your Big Day

An extravagant wedding in a glamorous venue, with hundreds of friends and family, and your favourite band of all time might be your dream wedding, but sometimes it's a little out of reach for reality. While it's only natural to want to celebrate one of the most important days of your life in the biggest and best way possible, sometimes you need to take a step back and reevaluate your spending.

Your wedding day is only a single day. It makes more sense to scale your wedding down a little so you've got plenty of money left over for more important things, like a honeymoon, a family home, and building your life together.

But don't worry about going without. You don't have to settle for a tiny, humble wedding if you don't want to. There are plenty of ways you can save on your big day and still have an amazing celebration. If you want to cut back without too much compromise, follow our budget-friendly wedding tips.

Look out for deals

1. Look out for deals

Follow your favourite wedding venues and services online to find out if they post any deals. At Lorel Diamonds, we often provide discount codes that can save you up to £200!

2. Skip the favours

Favours are one of the biggest wastes of money at any wedding. More often than not, they end up in the bin as soon as your guests get home. Skip them and no one will even know.

Choose a new photographer

3. Choose a new photographer

The more experience a photographer has doesn't necessarily make them better. Save money on your big day by choosing a photographer who's just starting out. Take a look at their portfolio. As long as you like the photos, book them up.

4. Pass on the chair covers

Hopefully, your guests will be too busy complimenting you on how you and your partner look to care about what the chairs look like. As long as they're comfy to sit on, stick with plain chairs.

Go for a minimalist theme

5. Go for a minimalist theme

One of the easiest ways to save on your wedding is to have a minimalist theme. Think simple bouquets, basic gowns, minimalist wedding bands, and modest decor.

6. Forget about menu cards

Each guest doesn't need their own personal menu. Have a couple of chalkboards dotted around the room with the menu written on them. If anyone fails to look at it, the waiters can remind them of what's available.

Host a buffet

7. Host a buffet

When you offer a sit-down meal, you need to provide space for everyone to sit and eat at the same time, plus staff to serve it. Save on these unnecessary overheads by offering a buffet, so people can serve themselves whenever they please.

8. Avoid designer shoes

If you're going for a traditional floor-length wedding gown, no one is going to see your fancy heels. Save yourself some cash and choose a cheaper pair of high-heels instead. Or forget about them entirely and choose a pair of comfy flats!

Keep your cake simple

9. Keep your cake simple

Let your guests fill up on the other food available and keep your cake simple. The multi-tier cakes with tiny versions of you and your partner made out of fondant may look adorable, but they cost an arm and a leg. Stick to a small cake in your favourite flavour made by a local baker.

10. Opt for digital wedding invites

Custom wedding invites can set you back £100s, even if you're just inviting a handful of people. Save yourself time and money by sending out digital invites via email, social media, or even a messaging service. People are much more likely to RSVP if they just have to send you a message online.

Spend your money wisely

Don't think about saving money on your big day as cutting back. Instead, think of it as spending your money on something more important, like your dream engagement ring or beautiful matching wedding bands. Your wedding only lasts for a single day, but if you spend your money wisely, you can enjoy it for years to come.

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