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How to Pick the Perfect Diamond Carat for Your Engagement Ring

Choosing the perfect carat weight for a diamond engagement ring can be quite a challenge. Not all diamond carats suit every ring — specific carat weights often complement certain shapes and styles better than others.

If you find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a mini guide on how to pick the best diamond carat to create a stunning engagement ring your partner will love forever.


1. Understand how carats work

The first step to choosing the perfect diamond carat is to understand how carats work. There's a common misconception that the carat is the only thing that determines a diamond's size, with a higher carat number indicating a larger diamond.

But, this isn't always the case. Carat actually refers to weight, with a higher carat number equalling a heavier diamond. This means that two diamonds with the same carat weight can have different sizes because of their shape.

2. Quality is more important than weight

A higher carat weight doesn't necessarily mean better quality and size doesn’t guarantee more sparkle or brilliance. When choosing a diamond ring, you need to take the 7 Cs into account to get the best results.

3. Make carat the final decision

Deciding on the best carat weight for your ring should be the last thing you do. Before you choose a carat weight, you should concentrate on the band style, diamond shape, clarity, and colour. When all these factors are in place, picking the right carat weight is a lot more straightforward.


4. Bigger isn’t always more expensive

A higher carat weight doesn't always carry a bigger price tag. Clarity and colour massively influence the cost of an engagement ring and are worth keeping in mind when you’re shopping.

5. Experiment with different carats

A great way to find out what different carat weights look like on an average hand is to use our interactive diamond size guide. With this tool, you can see how different carat weights look on different bands and with different diamond shapes.


6. Unleash your inner creativity

If you're on a budget, remember that choosing a diamond with a higher carat weight isn’t the only way to get a bigger-looking diamond. Consider opting for a halo ring. This style of ring features smaller diamonds framing a larger one, creating the illusion of a bigger diamond while being more affordable than a large solitaire.

7. Take the UK Average into account

In the UK, a typical engagement ring highlights a 0.6-carat diamond. In Europe, it's a 0.5-carat diamond, while in the US, it's an impressive 1-carat diamond. A 0.6-carat diamond might not seem extravagant, but it will blend seamlessly with other engagement rings in the UK.


8. Choose a lab-grown diamond

To make the most of your budget, go for a lab-grown diamond instead of a natural one. Lab-grown diamonds are more budget-friendly, yet they’re indistinguishable in appearance from their natural counterparts.

9. Get in touch with us

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a huge decision. If you're struggling to make a choice, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you work through your options and make the best choice during this important time in your life.

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