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8 Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues That Feel Classy

There’s no getting around it — your wedding venue is going to take up a decent chunk of your wedding budget. But there are ways you can cut down on your spending without having to make major sacrifices. Booking the venue for a Friday instead of a Saturday, having a ceremony in the morning instead of the afternoon, and avoiding the most popular months are 3 simple ways to make any wedding venue more affordable. But they’re not the only way to save on your big day.

One of the best ways to make your wedding budget stretch further is to choose an unusual venue. You don’t have to host your ceremony in your back garden to keep costs down — although it is an excellent idea if you’re dreaming of a small, intimate wedding. Here are 8 budget-friendly wedding venues your guests will love that still feel classy.

budget-friendly wedding venues

8 budget-friendly wedding venues

1. Park

If you’re throwing a summer wedding, your favourite park could be your perfect wedding venue. Sweet-smelling grass, colourful wildflowers, and (fingers crossed!) plenty of sunshine will give you the perfect setting.

3. Non-profit venue

Hosting your wedding in a non-profit venue is a great way to help a worthy cause while enjoying a beautiful setting at the same time. In exchange for a donation, you’ll be able to celebrate your big day with the people you love and raise awareness of the charity. Everyone wins!


3. B&B

A cute bed and breakfast is a wonderful venue for a wedding. There’s boutique accommodation for guests, a fantastic place for a pre-wedding brunch, and friendly staff on hand who will be happy to help you.

4. Church

It may sound surprising, but getting married in a church is one of the cheapest options when it comes to a venue. If you’re thinking about a spiritual wedding, churches are excellent places for the community to gather and they’re often stunning, centuries-old buildings, too.


5. Aquarium

Your local aquarium isn’t just a place to spend a rainy afternoon — it’s a quirky and affordable wedding venue. You’ll be able to take some fantastic photos on the big day, while providing your guests with some entertainment when nothing else is going on.

6. University

If you and your partner met at university, why not go back to where it all began and host your wedding there? Some universities boast gorgeous grounds with impressive buildings that make for stunning photos.


7. Vineyard

One of the most charismatic venues, a vineyard is a surprisingly budget-friendly place to get married. Plan your wedding just before harvest season for stunning photos among the vines, or just after harvest season for plenty of affordable, local wine!

8. Art gallery

Art galleries are known for their dramatic architecture, making them great backdrops for your wedding photos. Many also offer spacious event rooms you can decorate according to your wedding theme where your guests can relax. You could even throw in an art gallery entrance ticket as a wedding favour for each guest!

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