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Diamond Clarity

What is the meaning of diamond clarity?

The Clarity grade refers to the naturally occurring internal inclusions and external blemishes of a diamond. The grade is applied based on the number, size and position of those inclusions and blemishes.

It is a professional gemmologist who will grade the diamond and when applying the Clarity grade they will not only determine the number, size and position of the inclusions and blemishes but they will also look at how they affect the appearance of the diamond overall.

The Clarity grade applied to a diamond is not only used to determine the look of the diamond but also the value.

The scale used to grade diamond Clarity was created by one of the most prestigious diamond grading labs in the world, the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). This scale being created helped to standardise the way in which diamonds across the world are graded.

Almost every diamond will have some inclusions or blemishes present but there are some very rare diamonds which don’t have any. These diamonds are graded as Flawless but they’re so incredibly rare that even the most experienced of jewellers may never work with them.

What is the cause of an inclusion or blemish?

Diamonds are exposed to intense heat and pressure while they form, whether that is a natural diamond which forms deep under the earth’s crust or a lab grown diamond.

Due to these conditions small imperfections form within the diamond and they are the inclusions and blemishes. These imperfections are the reason we can say no two diamonds are the same because the imperfections are like birthmarks. They’re completely unique to each diamond.

The Clarity of both natural and lab grown diamonds are graded by the same scale.

The Grading Scale

The scale used to grade Clarity goes from FL to I3, with FL being the highest grade. A diamond with a higher grade indicates the rarity of the diamond, those diamonds are more value which makes them higher in cost.

Diamond Clarity

The diamonds which we offer range from VVS1 to I1 Clarity.

Diamonds graded at VS2 clarity and above are often referred to as eye-clean as you won’t see any inclusions visible to the naked eye.


The Grades


VVS1 – Very very slight inclusions


Diamonds graded VVS1 don’t have any visible inclusions even under 10x magnification.

VVS2 – Very very slight inclusions


Diamonds graded VVS2 have barely any inclusions which are difficult to see under 10x magnification.

Very slightly included


Diamonds graded VS1 have very minimal inclusions which are barely visible under 10 x magnification.

VS2 – Very slightly included


Diamonds graded VS2 have minor inclusions and they’re only visible under 10 x magnification

SI1 – Slightly included


Diamonds graded SI1 are mostly eye-clean and have inclusions which are visible under 10x magnification.

SI2 – Slightly Included


Diamonds graded SI2 have inclusions which are visible under 10 x magnification and to the naked eye.

I1- Included 1


Diamonds graded I1 have inclusions which are clearly visible to the naked eye and under 10x magnification


Choosing the Clarity for your diamond

The Clarity grade which you choose will mostly come down to personal preference and budget.

Personal preference is a factor in this choice as some customers don’t mind the presence of visible inclusions in their diamond. After all, they are what make your diamond completely unique.

The majority of customers, however, do prefer their diamond to be free from inclusions to the naked eye.

We would always recommend a diamond with VS2 clarity as a minimum to customers who would like their diamond to be free from inclusions to the naked eye. That advice applies to diamonds up to 1.00ct and for diamonds above 1.00ct we would recommend VS1 clarity.

Diamonds which have a large open table, like an Emerald or Asscher shape, will highlight any imperfections within a diamond so with those diamonds we always recommend VS1 clarity as a minimum.

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