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Florescence is caused by the presence of nitrogen in a diamond. This is a natural phenomenon which causes around 25% to 35% of diamonds to glow under UV (ultra-violet) light.

The Fluorescence is not visible to the naked eye unless the diamond is under UV light.

Most diamonds with Fluorescence emit a blue glow but in rare cases that can be green, yellow or orange.

The presence of Fluorescence does not negatively impact the diamond in any way. It does not affect the diamonds structural integrity at all.

The Fluorescence in a diamond is graded on a scale which ranges from None to Very Strong. We have some examples of the different grades below.

The diamonds which we source are usually graded Faint or Slight as standard but if you have a specific requirement for your diamond please just get in touch.


The glow emitted from a diamond with Fluorescence only lasts as long as that is exposed the UV light source.

The Grades

No or None
There will not be any Fluorescence at all in diamonds of this grade. It will not emit any glow under UV light

This grade is often seen as most desirable therefore the most expensive

Faint or Slight
Weak Fluorescence is found in diamonds of this grade therefore the diamond will emit a slight glow when exposed to UV light

An average amount of Fluorescence will be found in this grade and a light glow will be emitted under UV light

A Medium Fluorescence can actually improve lower Colour grades in diamonds which has grades such as I, J, K as it has been known to cancel out some of the yellowness in those grades.

The effects of Fluorescence in Medium graded diamonds are very unlikely to detract from the beauty and sparkle of the diamond.

Strong or Very Strong
A strong, bright glow or very strong, bright glow will be emitted from diamonds of this grade under UV light.

Just like Medium graded diamonds the Fluorescence in Strong or Very Strong graded diamonds can improve lower Colour grades but they can also have a slightly negative impact on diamonds with higher Colour grades. A very small amount of diamonds with Very Strong Fluorescence can make a diamond look a little grey or hazy. This is only the case with less than 0.2% of the diamonds submitted to GIA which have Fluorescence.

It is important to note that diamonds with any Fluorescence grade can be used to create beautiful jewellery.

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